April gliding Sunday

Having lost two successive mid-week gliding competition days, today dawned with an odd yellow thing in the sky with little or no wind – what a change.

It was the venue for our first single model type competition, our motorised Keil Kraft Caprices.

We flew three rounds the first of which was won by Mark and the second and third rounds were won by Derek. Great fun was had by all.

After having fun with the Caprices and watching Colin’s wing clap hands midair some time was spent in a recovery operation with David crawling into the hedge to recover a half wing and half the tailplane with only a few minor scratches. Thanks also to George and his Land Rover for getting the fuselage from out of the top of the hawthorne hedge. Colin’s opinion as to the cause of the wing failure was his use of a very heavy LiPo.

We followed up the fun and games with a couple of informal rounds of our normal gliding competition.


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