Welcome to the official website of the Sussex Radio Flying Club (SRFC)

The club has been in existence for many years and has utilised various sites in Sussex during that time and now has three excellent flying sites  devoted to the various branches of our hobby

Our main flying site for fixed wing models (power models and electric gliders) is at Coombes, on the top of the South Downs between Worthing and Steyning and we have additional sites at Poling and Ashurst dedicated to helicopters and gliding respectively. The Coombes and Poling sites are able to be used throughout the year and their locations can be found here at SRFC Flying Sites. Coombes, being on top of the South Downs, has good drainage hence it doesn’t suffer from problems of access due to getting boggy but it can be windy. From the Coombes there are great views all around with Brighton to the east,  Cissbury Ring to the west and the English Channel to the south.

From mid-April to mid-September the club runs competitions for power models and for electric self launched gliders and once a month the gliding fraternity try to get together for a day of gliding and if desired a friendly competition.

Our members have always regularly competed in local, National and International Competitions and include the 2018 British National F4C Scale Champion.

Members of the club fly electric powered thermal soarers and gliders off local sites on the South Downs, sites that are not controlled by SRFC.

Club members have access to many slope soaring sites along the South Downs the majority being either west or north facing: NB the sites are not controlled by SRFC.

Training can be provided by club instructors though the numbers of trainees is limited by the number of instructors and people in training so if you are a novice or need further training or if you are already a flier and want to join the club please contact our membership secretary using the Contact page.

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