A visit to Itford Hill

November 6th dawned rather calmer than expected and a day on the slopes looked very optimistic but an hour or two later saw the wind increasing and being optimistic we set off for the hills. At the lay-by on the A26 the wind was distinctly missing but heading up along the South Downs Way the wind made an appearance at about the time that a cyclist heading down the hill towards us decided to land in a heap at our feet – thankfully unhurt.

Reaching to the top the wind was still quite light but more than sufficient for my Bird of Time. Mark’s Phase 6 struggled in the light winds as did my Phase 5 with both of us making rapid uphill landings as the lift declined. However, a little while later the wind made a real appearance and an enjoyable time was spent on the hill though two models ended the day in more pieces than they started, one hiding its nose at least four inches in the fortunately soft ground thanks to all the rain but breaking its wing.





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